The ACCSES Staff

Our Mission & Purpose

ACCSES New Jersey, formerly the New Jersey Association of Rehabilitation Facilities is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership and support to members who advocate for and serve persons with disabilities through community based programs located throughout New Jersey.

The Association provides a series of activities designed to address the needs and concerns of statewide community rehabilitation program members who directly provide employment and other services to more than 40,000 adults with significant disabilities. These activities include:

Continuing Education . . . . . . focuses on professional development for all levels of program staff within the membership. Training and educational programs are designed to improve and expand direct services. Educational programs are provided in cooperation with others in the field.

Liaison with State and Federal Agencies. . . . . . is an intensive education and advocacy effort directed at appropriate governmental agencies. These include Education, Labor and Human Services. The primary goals of these activities are to improve services and public policy affecting people with disabilities.

Governmental Affairs. . . . . . provides testimony, conducts ongoing reviews of State and Federal legislation, analyzes government regulatory activities, and keeps ACCSES members apprized of the impact of specific policies, procedures and legislation affecting people with disabilities.

Resource and Information. . . . . . gathers and disseminates information of an educational and professional nature which is relevant to all aspects of rehabilitation, habilitation, employment services and community support programs for people with disabilities.

Sales and Marketing. . . . . . facilitates the marketing and sale of products and services manufactured or provided by people with disabilities. ACCSES has been appointed the Central Non-Profit Agency (CNA) to implement the State Use Law. This legislation enables participating programs to sell their products and services to State agencies and local units of government.

Technical Assistance & Consultation. . . . . . provides special one-on-one and group sessions with program administrators and staff, covering topics from direct programming to business administration. ACCSES NJ, Inc. formerly NJARF is an affiliated State Chapter of the American Congress of Community Supports and Employment Services.

For additional information on ACCSES NJ, Inc., including membership eligibility and dues schedule,
please call (609) 392-1255.

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