Genuine HP OEM Inkjet Item

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CH562WN – OEM (new)

Tri-color inkjet cartridge

Page Yield: Estimated 165 pages per item

Alternative Number: HP61

For pricing for non-contract DPA items not listed or for pre-paid boxes to recycle your used toners please email Shannon with your delivery address and desired quantity of master cartons. Individual boxes come 6 to a master carton, and each individual box has a UPS label already affixed.


HP   Deskjet 1000

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HP   Deskjet 3050A e-AIO

HP   Deskjet 3051A e-AIO

HP   Deskjet 3052A e-AIO

HP   Deskjet 3054 AIO

HP   Deskjet 3054A e-AIO

HP   Deskjet 3510 e-AIO

HP   Deskjet 3511 e-AIO

HP   Deskjet 3512 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 4500 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 4501 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 4502 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 4505 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 5530 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 5531 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 5532 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 5534 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 5535 e-AIO

HP   ENVY 5539 e-AIO

HP   Officejet 2620 AIO

HP   Officejet 2621 AIO

HP   Officejet 4630 e-AIO

HP   Officejet 4632 e-AIO

HP   Officejet 4635 e-AIO

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