Genuine HP OEM Inkjet Item

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Q7938AN – OEM (new)

Photo value pack – includes 2 each C8766WN (tri-color) & 200 sheets of 4” x 6”

Alternative Number: HP95

For pricing for non-contract DPA items not listed or for pre-paid boxes to recycle your used toners please email Shannon with your delivery address and desired quantity of master cartons. Individual boxes come 6 to a master carton, and each individual box has a UPS label already affixed.


Photosmart 2575v AIO

OfficeJet 100 Mobile

Photosmart 2575xi AIO

OfficeJet H470 Mobile

Photosmart 2610v AIO

OfficeJet 6200 AIO

Photosmart 2610xi AIO

OfficeJet 6210 AIO

Photosmart 2610 AIO

OfficeJet 6210xi AIO

Photosmart 2710 AIO

OfficeJet 6210v AIO

Photosmart 2710xi AIO

OfficeJet 6310 AIO

Photosmart 325v Compact Photo  

OfficeJet 6310v AIO

Photosmart 385 Compact Photo  

OfficeJet 6310xi AIO

Photosmart 325xi Compact Photo  

OfficeJet 7210v AIO

Photosmart 335 Compact Photo  

OfficeJet 7210xi AIO

Photosmart 375 Compact Photo  

OfficeJet 7210 AIO

Photosmart 375B Compact    with Battery

OfficeJet 7310 AIO

Photosmart 375v Compact Photo  

OfficeJet 7310xi AIO

Photosmart 325 Compact Photo  

OfficeJet 7410 AIO

Photosmart 335v Compact Photo  

OfficeJet 7410xi AIO

Photosmart 385v Compact Photo

OfficeJet H470wf Mobile

Photosmart 335xi Compact Photo


Photosmart 385xi Compact Photo

DeskJet 460c Mobile

Photosmart 428 Portable Photo Studio

DeskJet 460cb Mobile

Photosmart 428v Portable Photo Studio

DeskJet 460wbt Mobile

Photosmart 425Photo Studio

DeskJet 460wf Mobile

Photosmart 425vPhoto Studio

DeskJet 5740xi 

Photosmart 428xi Portable Photo Studio

DeskJet 5740 

Photosmart 422 Portable Photo Studio

DeskJet 5940 Photo

Photosmart 475xi Compact Photo

DeskJet 5940xi Photo

Photosmart 475 Compact Photo

DeskJet 6540 

Photosmart 475v Compact Photo

DeskJet 6540xi 

Photosmart C4140 AIO

DeskJet 6520xi 

Photosmart C4150 AIO

DeskJet 6520 

Photosmart C4180 AIO

DeskJet 6540dt 

Photosmart D5069

DeskJet 6620 

Photosmart D5060

DeskJet 6620xi 

Photosmart D5065

DeskJet 6840 

Photosmart D5155

DeskJet 6840dt 

Photosmart D5145

DeskJet 6830v 

Photosmart D5160

DeskJet 6840xi 

Photosmart 7850

DeskJet 9800

Photosmart 8050

DeskJet 9800d

Photosmart 8049


Photosmart 8150 Photo


Photosmart 8150xi Photo


Photosmart 8150v Photo


Photosmart 8450 Photo


Photosmart 8450xi Photo


PSC 1610v AIO


PSC 1610 AIO


PSC 1600


PSC 1610xi AIO


PSC 2355xi AIO


PSC 2355 AIO


PSC 2355v AIO


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