About Us
How we make a difference in New Jersey
Our Mission
ACCSES NJ, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership and support to members who advocate for and serve persons with disabilities through community based programs located throughout New Jersey.
Products & Services
Every purchase made through ACCSES NJ has a purpose. We make sure you get the products and services you need, when you need them, at a competitive price, while also providing employment opportunities and making the American dream more accessible to people with disabilities.
Social Advocacy
ACCSES NJ advocates for more employment opportunities and choices for people with disabilities. We believe in a more inclusive workforce—where barriers to employment are a thing of the past.
Our passion is creating jobs for people with disabilities. We connect our customers to an established network of nonprofit agencies who hire talented people with disabilities. We advocate for more employment opportunities and choices in employment for people with disabilities on a national scale. We support our network of agencies, providing training, networking, sales & marketing and technical assistance.
The foundations of a great company start with great people
Executive Board Members
Alvin Cox
Jon Katz
Vice Chairperson
Mohsen Badran
President & CEO
Laura Williams
Karen Elliott
Dan Kelly
Past Chairperson & CNA Director