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SAGE CRM User Guides

Adding a new company

  1. Click New (The plus sign in the right hand corner of the screen in a green circle) | Select New Company.
  2. Type the first few letters of the company name, and click Enter Company Details. The system searches for possible duplicate company names.

For more information on deduplication, please refer to *Preventing duplicate entries. If no potential duplicate company is found, the New Company page is displayed.


SAGE CRM User Guide 1.0

Easy hits for the items you need to use in SageCRM on a day to day basis.



SharpSpring User Guides

In SharpSpring, you can add a single contact at a time. You can do so without uploading them from a list or having them fill out a form on your website.

This is useful for when you have someone’s business card and want to add them to the Contact Manager. Once you have someone’s name or email, you can them as a lead in SharpSpring.

This article details how to add contacts.

Manually Creating and Cloning Contacts In SharpSpringDOWNLOAD PDF


AVAIL Support Employment Presentation

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