On Site & Off Site Document Scanning, Data Entry and Document Management Services in NJ

Our records management services include conversion of paper to digital, digital to microfilm, microfilm to digital, and microfilm processing for both 16 and 35 mm film.  We are well versed in the regulations for microfilm and imaging and can complete any state required paperwork associated with these services. We provide paperless agenda services that allow your board, committee, and counsel to avoid needless paper creation.  Our teams can organize your records storage areas, help you with disposition paperwork and provide shredding, and provide data entry for inventory management systems.  All work is done in accordance with N.J.A.C. 15:3 regulations.

Document Conversion, Management, and
Microfilm Solutions Services for New Jersey

ACCSES NJ is a leading provider of document management, document scanning & microfilm conversion services throughout New Jersey.

ACCSES NJ’s unique approach to solving our clients’ needs has allowed us to produce over 150 Million images over the past 6 years. ACCSES NJ works with corporate partners & government agencies.

Our services include:
•Document Conversion
•Small paper format
•Large format documents (ie engineering drawings, building plans)
•Book Scanning
•Microfilm Conversion
•Microfiche Scanning
•Aperture Cards

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