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We provide state of the art janitorial and building maintenance services supported by demanding quality control practices, time-tested processes, training, tracking and oversight.

Clean buildings elevate your customers experience and avoids bad reviews and as a result increase customer happiness.  Your building should be measured not only by visual inspection but by:

  • healthier employees
  • longer lasting assets
  • lower costs
  • most importantly increased profits!

ACCSES New Jersey:

  • Trains our cleaning professionals to meet ISSA CITS certification
  • Invests in the latest in equipment maximizing effectiveness
  • Utilizes technology to increase efficiency

Our Advantage:

  • More than 10 million square feet cleaned daily in over 300 buildings in NJ
  • Over 1,000 trained cleaning professionals in all 21 counties of NJ
  • More than $1 million in cleaning equipment deployed
  • The latest in project management, ERP, cloud services and site inspection technology


"We are so pleased with the services of ACCSES NJ Janitorial. The amazing staff that provides outstanding service is like a part of our office. Great partner and a wonderful local staff. We highly recommend them.

-Benjamin Jarratt

"My personal history involves working with children with special needs so I was excited to hear about the important work being done by ACCSES NJ and your member organizations. For the Greater Newark Conservancy, this is an opportunity to expand on our mission. We understand that, sometimes, all it takes for someone to succeed is for someone else to give them a chance. We need janitorial services and ACCSES NJ provides janitorial services -- it's a win-win! We're excited to help your business expand by helping the world understand that people with disabilities do great work in competitive industries. All of us here at the Greater Newark Conservancy are excited to be partnering with Hudson Community Enterprises and ACCSES NJ!"

--- Robin Dougherty, Executive Director, Greater Newark Conservancy

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