We have provided service, leadership, and support to our members for over 50 years
Our Mission
ACCSES NJ, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing leadership and support to members who advocate for and serve persons with disabilities through community based programs located throughout New Jersey.
Partnering With Us
We serve a vibrant, engaged membership of New Jersey providers of employment and employment services to people with disabilities. Through us, members are actively involved in shaping industry policy, promoting quality services, professional development, networking and strategic consulting.
Benefits of ACCSES NJ
ACCSES NJ has bi-monthly membership and business development meetings giving members an opportunity to network among industry peers discussing timely topics stressing collaborative solutions.
We are constantly working to reduce employment barriers and increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities, we lead advocacy efforts that cover hundreds of significant issues and resolutions. We are tireless in our efforts.
& Marketing
ACCSES NJ provides professional sales and marketing to our member agencies for all of the products and services they produce. Better sales equals increased employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We are committed to growing our member’s businesses.
We provide a wide variety technical assistance to our members on an individual basis based from business development to IT to professional accreditation. In addition, we have a vigorous annual training calendar providing expert training on a variety of subjects that are important to our membership.
"As a member, you'll always know you're doing good and taking part in our growing community."
Mohsen Badran
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