BR Poly Briefs

BR Poly Briefs

Incontinence Level – Heavy

Sizes: Medium, Large and XLarge

Minimum Order Quantity – 14 cases


Attends® Briefs are perfect for heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence for both ambulatory and sedentary users. We carefully select the raw materials and engineer our briefs to channel wetness away from the body—helping maintain dry, healthy skin and controlling odor.

Attends® Briefs are always designed for comfort and secure protection. All Attends® Briefs contain super absorbent polymers to lock fluid in the core, as well as a moisture-proof layer and leg gathers to prevent leakage. They feature closures to hold them securely in place and a color indicator to signal when the brief needs to be changed.

BR Poly Briefs  – Incontinence Level – Heavy

  • Contains additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for increased absorbency compared to our value tier poly briefs
  • Triple-tier moisture locking system delivers superior performance and leakage protection while promoting skin wellness and managing odor

Size                                   Catalog Number         Case Count        Inner Packaging

Medium (32″ – 44″)               BR20                           96                  4 bags of 24

Large (44″ – 58″)                    BR30                           72                   3 bags of 24

X-Large (58″ – 63″)               BR40                           60                   3 bags of 20

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