51645A (Reman)

51645A – Our cartridges are remanufactured to the highest standards.


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51645A – Remanufactured

Black inkjet Cartridge

Page Yield: Estimated up to 930 pages per item

Alternative Number: HP45

For pricing for non-contract DPA items not listed or for pre-paid boxes to recycle your used toners please email Shannon with your delivery address and desired quantity of master cartons. Individual boxes come 6 to a master carton, and each individual box has a UPS label already affixed.

 Color Copier 120

 OfficeJet g55 AIO

 Color Copier 110

 OfficeJet g55xi AIO

 Color Copier 180

 OfficeJet g85 AIO

 Color Copier 170

 OfficeJet g85xi AIO

 Color Copier 150

 OfficeJet g95 AIO

 Color Copier 140

 OfficeJet k80xi AIO

 Color Copier 155

 OfficeJet k80 AIO

 Color Copier 160

 OfficeJet k60 AIO

 Color Copier 145

 OfficeJet k60xi

 Color Copier 270

 OfficeJet Pro 1175cse AIO

 Color Copier 260

 OfficeJet Pro 1170cxi AIO

 Color Copier 210Lx

 OfficeJet Pro 1170cse AIO

 Color Copier 280

 OfficeJet Pro 1175cxi AIO

 Color Copier 210

 OfficeJet Pro 1150cse AIO


 OfficeJet Pro 1175c AIO

 1220xi Fax

 OfficeJet Pro 1150c AIO


 OfficeJet Pro 1170c AIO

 Photosmart p1000/1000 

 OfficeJet r80 AIO

 Photosmart p1000xi 

 OfficeJet r80xi AIO

 Photosmart p1100xi 

 OfficeJet r60 AIO

 Photosmart p1100 

 OfficeJet r40xi AIO

 Photosmart 1115 

 OfficeJet r40 AIO

 Photosmart 1218xi 

 OfficeJet t65 AIO

 Photosmart 1215vm 

 OfficeJet t45 AIO

 Photosmart 1218 

 OfficeJet t65xi AIO

 Photosmart 1315 

 OfficeJet t45xi AIO



 DeskJet 1000cxi 

 DeskJet 855cxi 

 DeskJet 1000cse 

 DeskJet 855cse 

 DeskJet 1120cse 

 DeskJet 890cxi 

 DeskJet 1120cxi 

 DeskJet 880c 

 DeskJet 1100c 

 DeskJet 820cse 

 DeskJet 1220cxi 

 DeskJet 850c 

 DeskJet 1220cse 

 DeskJet 832c 

 DeskJet 1600cm 

 DeskJet 830c 

 DeskJet 1600c 

 DeskJet 932c 

 DeskJet 1600cn 

 DeskJet 995c 

 DeskJet 6127 

 DeskJet 970cse 

 DeskJet 6122 

 DeskJet 952c 

 DeskJet 722c 

 DeskJet 950c 

 DeskJet 712c 

 DeskJet 960cxi 

 DeskJet 720c 

 DeskJet 990cm 

 DeskJet 710c 

 DeskJet 990cxi Professional

 DeskJet 895cxi 

 DeskJet 935c 

 DeskJet 882c 

 DeskJet 995ck color inkjet 

 DeskJet 820cxi 

 DeskJet 970cxi Professional

 DeskJet 870cxi 

 DeskJet 930c 

 DeskJet 855c 

 DeskJet 990cse 

 DeskJet 895cse 

 DeskJet 960cse 

 DeskJet 890cse 

 DeskJet 9300 

 DeskJet 870cse 




 DesignJet 700 (E/A0-size)


 DesignJet 750c Plus (E/A0-size)


 DesignJet 700 


 DesignJet 750c (E/A0-size)


 DesignJet 750c 


 DesignJet 755cm 


 DesignJet 750c Plus 


Our cartridges are remanufactured to the highest standards to offer an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to OEM cartridges.  This is not the “drill and fill” method, but is instead designed to ensure the best quality items and only remanufactures each core once.  The core shell is inspected to determine whether it can be used to build a cartridge.  The cartridge is completely disassemble to thoroughly clean and check the external and internal shell, then all the major components are removed and replaced with new parts that meet or exceed OEM standards.  When the cartridge is recycled, it goes through a process that has none of the components ending in a landfill thus offering a truly green purchase.

Go Green! – Recycle your toner

Line: 00437

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