Genuine HP OEM Inkjet Item

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C6657AN – OEM (new)

Tri-color inkjet cartridge

Page Yield: Estimated 500 pages per item

Alternative Number: HP57

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State Contract 89072, Line Item 330


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Photosmart 230v

PSC 1210 AIO

Photosmart 230

PSC 1315 AIO

Photosmart 230xi

PSC 1315xi AIO

Photosmart 245 Compact Photo

PSC 1350xi AIO

Photosmart 245v Compact Photo

PSC 1311 AIO

Photosmart 7260w Photo

PSC 1315v AIO

Photosmart 7260v Photo

PSC 1350 AIO

Photosmart 7260 Photo

PSC 1350v AIO

Photosmart 7350

PSC 2110v AIO

Photosmart 7450xi Photo

PSC 2110 AIO

Photosmart 7450 Photo

PSC 2175v AIO

Photosmart 7450v Photo

PSC 2110xi AIO

Photosmart 7550

PSC 2175xi AIO

Photosmart 7660 Photo

PSC 2210v AIO

Photosmart 7660 Photo

PSC 2210xi AIO

Photosmart 7660 Photo

PSC 2210 , fax, scanner, copier

Photosmart 7760 Photo

PSC 2410xi Photosmart AIO

Photosmart 7760w Photo

PSC 2410 Photosmart , flatbed fax, scanner, copier

Photosmart 7760v Photo

PSC 2410v Photosmart AIO

Photosmart 7960w Photo

PSC 2510 Photosmart , flatbed fax, scanner, copier

Photosmart 7960 Photo

PSC 2510xi Photosmart AIO

410 Digital Copier

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