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On-Site Urine Test

Panel Dip – 2 Drug Test For: MAMP/OPI300

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The test device you select should be from an innovative and experienced leader. We can say with confidence that Redwood Toxicology Laboratory’s high-quality Reditest® Panel-Dip® devices will enable you to easily administer and evaluate on-site drug tests—all at an affordable price. Panel-Dip devices are available in single and multi-drug configurations. Supply your program with an accepted and proven testing tool—equip yourself with Panel-Dip.

Features & benefits

Rapidly screen for 1-12 illicit and prescription drugs1

FDA 510(k) cleared to market

Select from a wide variety of testing cut-off levels. (Some meet or exceed current SAMHSA recommended guidelines)

Built in procedural controls for negative, positive or invalid results

Simple procedure: collect, dip, read results

AMP Amphetamine                      THC Marijuana
BAR Barbitutates                          MTD Methadone
BZO Benzodiazepines                  MAMP Methamphetamine
BUP Buprenorphine                     MDMA Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
COC Cocaine                                  COT Nicotine
EDDP Methadone Metabolite    OPI Opiates
OXY Oxycodone                            TCA Tricyclic   Antidepressants
PCP Phencyclidine                       ALC Alcohol
PPX Propoxyphene

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