UltraBath Body & Shampoo


A deodorant shampoo body soap.

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A deodorant shampoo body soap that is totally natural, hypoallergenic and formulated for effective, gentle head to toe washing. Reduces tangles and leaves hair shiny & radiant without leaving soap residue.  UltraBath has an excellent rinsing ability and does not affect the skin’s delicate chemical balance thus leaving it healthy with a soft, supple feel. It’s coconut based is enriched with fragrances that appeal to both men and woman.  Excellent for frequent washings.

Available in four sizes on State Contract:

800mL Bag-in-Box (BIB) – 12 to a case

1000mL Disc Pouch – 8 to a case

2000mL Disc Pouch –  4 to a case

Gallon Bottles – 4 to a case

State Contract 89072

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