Genuine HP OEM Inkjet Item

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C9384A – OEM (new)

Matte black and yellow inkjet printhead

Alternative Number: HP72

For pricing for non-contract DPA items not listed or for pre-paid boxes to recycle your used toners please email Shannon with your delivery address and desired quantity of master cartons. Individual boxes come 6 to a master carton, and each individual box has a UPS label already affixed.


DesignJet T1120 44-in
DesignJet T1120ps 44-in
DesignJet T1120 24-in
DesignJet T1120 HD MFP
DesignJet T1120ps 24-in
DesignJet T1120 SD MFP
DesignJet T1100 MFP
DesignJet T1100ps 24-in
DesignJet T1100 24-in
DesignJet T1100 44-in
DesignJet T1100ps 44-in
DesignJet T1200 44-in PostScript Version
DesignJet T2300 PostScript eMFP
DesignJet T2300 eMFP
DesignJet T610 44-in
DesignJet T610 24-in
DesignJet T620 24-in
DesignJet T790 24-in e
DesignJet T790 24-in PostScript e
DesignJet T770 44-in  with   Hard Disk
DesignJet T790 44-in PostScript e
DesignJet T790 44-in e
DesignJet T1300 44-in e
DesignJet T1300 44-in PostScript e
DesignJet T1200 44-in

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