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Your buildings may look clean. Your buildings may smell clean. BUT ARE THEY?
Your buildings have to be clean! Truly Clean Buildings= Healthier employees and customers, preserve assets especially carpet and flooring.
Clean buildings elevate your customers experience and avoids bad reviews.
Clean is not subjective! Clean should be measured not only by visual inspection but by healthier employees, longer lasting assets, lower costs and increased profits!

ACCSES New Jersey:

  • Trains our cleaning professionals to meet ISSA CITS certification
  • Invests in the latest in equipment maximizing effectiveness
  • Utilizes technology to increase efficiency

Our Advantage:

• More than 10 million square feet cleaned daily in over 300 buildings in NJ
• Over 1,000 trained cleaning professionals in all 21 counties of NJ
• Over $1 million in cleaning equipment deployed
• The latest in project management and site inspection technology


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