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3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your HVAC Filter This Spring
March 28, 2019
Brand New Pleated Merv 13 HVAC Filter

Regular maintenance to your HVAC Unit is necessary to ensure the best possible functionality and clean air for you and your whole staff. Replacing HVAC filters is an easy, inexpensive and provides a whole host of benefits that you can take advantage of.


Preventing Asthma Attacks and Allergy Symptoms

In the United States alone, 26 million people suffer from Asthma and 50 million people face allergies each year. With spring in full swing, flare ups of asthma and allergies are at their worst. With pollen and other inflammatory components in the air, making sure you have a fresh air filter is important in maintaining clean air for your staff. By keeping your employees healthy, they can be more productive and spend less time sick at home.


Increasing the Life of your HVAC Unit

By changing your HVAC filter regularly, you are ensuring that dust, pollen, dirt and other harmful components don’t start to build up inside of the HVAC unit. Excessive buildup can cause early failure and expensive repairs that would not have been otherwise needed. Considering the price of HVAC filters from ACCSES NJ, the cost is well worth it.


Lower Energy Bills

HVAC systems with dirty need to work harder and use more energy because it’s more difficult to move air through the filter. By replacing the filter monthly as Energy Star recommends, you can decrease the amount of energy required to pass air through the HVAC unit and lower your monthly energy bills in the process.


HVAC air filters are available through the ACCSES NJ Shop at affordable prices and options ranging from MERV 2 to MERV 13. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a sales representative, call 1 (609) 400-4381.



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