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Here’s How Your Business Can Get the Most from a Commercial Cleaning Service
September 20, 2019
Business Cleaning

One of the most common mistakes a business makes when they hire a commercial cleaning service is lack of communication. Commercial cleaners need to know what is expected of them and cannot provide you with your ideal results if communication is not presented before work begins. Therefore, we’ve listed some of the best tips for getting the most out of your commercial cleaning service. 

Know What to Get Rid Of

Anyone coming into work as a cleaner will likely see a bunch of papers scattered on the floor, and may understandably think they are trash — even if they’re actually important documents. So it’s a good idea to communicate this to your employees, and discourage them from leaving papers on the floor.. Doing so will make things easier for both parties as they can quickly remove unwanted trash while keeping your important documents safe and secure. 

Alternatively, you can communicate with the cleaning team and express that you don’t want them to handle any documents they find on the ground. However, HIPAAtrek points out that if you’re a healthcare facility, letting them handle papers will require a business associate agreement for HIPAA compliance.

Choosing Your Package Correctly

Cleaning services are often not a one package deal. Therefore, as a business owner, you must understand what package you are paying for and what that package entails in terms of services promised. You don’t want to have come the next day believing that your floors and walls will be spotless only to find out that your package only included dusting and trash removal. Commercial cleaning services are not cheap, and therefore require open communication between yourself and the owner of the cleaning company. 

Give the Cleaners Room

Providing the cleaners a time slot where nobody is around is essential to receiving good results. This is because they are able to take their time focusing on the right areas without having to stop for your employees. In addition, to make everyone’s life easier by removing safety hazards that come with large cleaning equipment. Joel H. Schwartz points out that wet floors, wires, cleaning materials and more are all common causes of slip and fall accidents. A good time to schedule your cleaning could be a few hours after the end of the workday or late at night. 

Prioritize Areas That Need Cleaning

Most floors in an office building are mopped every night after the workers have gone home. Thus, this may not be the best place to have your cleaning service to spend their time on. Speak with the head of the cleaning service to write out a customized plan of service. This can include areas that may not get enough attention, such as a stairwell, elevator interiors, and personal offices. A good cleaning team will have no problem adhering to your preferred areas, but always make sure that these requests are possible before signing the contract.

Bringing on board a commercial cleaning service can be a great investment on your part. Not only does it make your building look clean and professional, but it provides your employees with a safe and visually pleasing place to work. Simply adhere to the tips listed above, and you’ll no doubt have a great experience with whichever cleaning crew you hire.