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How Hiring People with Disabilities Can Help Grow Your Business
August 24, 2019

Did you know that hiring people with disabilities can increase the value of your company? Hiring disabled people adds some great diversity to the workplace. If you are unsure about why you should increase diversity within your workplace, then read on to learn how hiring people with disabilities can help grow your business. 

Discrimination is Illegal

If your business complies with anti-discrimination laws but only to the extent that you are legally bound, then you may want to reconsider your hiring practices. Doing the bare minimum can cause you to be perceived as biased against people with disabilities. Consider evaluating your company’s hiring practices to discern if discrimination is occurring. Also, be mindful of the potential of a disgruntled candidate or employee, whether it is justified, feeling that your bare-minimum approach is discriminatory and deciding to take legal action. Besides, biased hiring practices are not only illegal but can rob you of talent. People with cognitive disabilities contribute new ideas and creativity that neurotypicals do not think of. Rethink anti-discrimination laws as a way to uncover more potential in your business and other people.

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Accessibility is Trendy

Accessibility is in, so companies that go above and beyond to hire people with disabilities are viewed in a more positive light. Your company may not be frowned upon if you are not following this trend, but you will be missing out on PR opportunities. Similar to businesses touting their green practices, highlighting your brand’s inclusivity will position it as positive and progressive. When you implement this strategy, be careful to not highlight the inclusion of people with disabilities as if your business is doing them a favor. 

More exposure means that more individuals will apply for jobs at your company. However, if you still do not hire more disabled employees, then you will have a more negative image than you started with. When it comes to inclusivity, evaluate your business’s intentions. Even though inclusivity is great PR, it will not have long-lasting results if it isn’t authentic. If there is a company that succeeds in this area, consult with them to learn more.

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Employees with disabilities can offer a unique perspective on things, so it’s important to give them a shot at a job and make them feel welcome once they’re hired. Just because someone is disabled doesn’t mean that they can’t offer just as much (or more) expertise than an able-bodied employee. To make sure that you’re being compliant with the law when hiring, be sure to give disabled applicants a fair chance.