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Top Ten Reasons to Scan Your Records
March 12, 2019
ACCSES NJ Document Management Specialist checks paperwork

Still unsure about scanning your records? Converting your paper documents with ACCSES NJ has a whole host of benefits you might not even know about! Here are ten reasons you should take the leap!


More Space

We know better than anyone that old records can take up thousands of feet of space in your office. By executing a Document Management Solution, you can get your paper records scanned and have them destroyed for a simple and easy solution that gives your office back its freedom!


Disaster Recovery

Natural Disasters, Fires, Floods and other events can cause irreparable damage to files in your office. During Hurricane Sandy, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Queens lost 1,500 paper medical records. Because they had not yet finished the process of converting their documents, everything that had not been already scanned was lost forever. Alternatively, the facilities that used offsite electronic storage of documents found nothing was damaged or lost. By continuing to store documents as paper files, you are running the risk that a catastrophic event can irreparably damage important documents.



By electronically storing records with ACCSES SECURE, you are ensuring their safety for the future. Information stored on microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and large format documents can become damaged through things like improper storage techniques, light and over handling. In order to prevent damage and loss of data, scanning these records is important. Once scanned, the data will never be lost and is accessible at any time on any computer.


Disability Accessibility

Older paper documents, microfiches, microfilms, and files can be a nightmare for vision impaired workers and visitors to your office. By scanning old paper copies of files, you allow people with differing needs the ability to use a screen reader or other devices to access the same information as everyone else.


Remote Work

By having necessary files available at a moment’s notice on the cloud gives employees the ability to work offsite. This means that no matter where you are, your filing cabinet is never more than a second away!


Quicker Searching

When scanning documents, the system indexes the content using a technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This means that every word used in these documents is read and recognized to allow you to search for that data by simply typing words that appear in the document.



After scanning a document, you have the option of setting restrictions on who can access it by taking measures such as password protection and encryption. This means you can restrict who—inside and outside the organization—has access to the documents.


Saving Money

While getting your documents scanned may seem like an expensive endeavor, there are actually pretty steep benefits that will save both money and time! Because employees spend less time searching for files, productivity will increase. Furthermore, certain documents—microfilms and microfiches specifically–need to be preserved at specific climates. By digitizing these documents, you no longer need to climate control the environment and can save money on heat, electric and air conditioning!


Faster Audits

By having all files available electronically, ensuring you are ready for an audit is a breeze. With the ability to pull up any document with no digging gives you the peace of mind in the event of an audit.



Scanning documents allows multiple people to access documents electronically at the same time. This means employees can collaborate on projects and access the same information without needing to use a copier first. This is especially helpful for employees located remotely as it allows them to receive support and coordinate with office staff.


If you are ready to make the jump to digital documents with ACCSES SECURE, click here for more information or to request a consultation from one of our document imaging specialists!


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