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4 Common Places Businesses Can Develop Mold
June 25, 2019
Mold in Bathroom

Many people are careful about the cleanliness of their homes, making sure that all surfaces are cleaned regularly. The same cleaning issues that need to be addressed in a residence also need to be handled at a business. If not, you may discover that you have a nasty mold problem. Some parts of your business need extra cleaning attention to stay mold-free.

The Office Kitchen

In most buildings, mold develops where there is standing or leaking water. It is important to look under the kitchen sink for any leaks or mold growth. You may notice a musty smell in the area and see black mold growing in the cabinet beneath the sink. If you see mold, contact a professional cleaning service that can remove the mold safely, without sending more spores into the office environment.

The Roof

A leaky roof can be especially dangerous as water may pool on ceiling tiles or drip behind the walls. Signs of roof mold include roof damage or leaks and unattractive odors in the office. When mold is growing where you cannot see it, the first sign of a problem may be employees experiencing allergy symptoms in the office. If you find that your employees complain of headaches or cold symptoms that get better when they leave, have your building inspected for mold growth.

Office Bathroom

The office bathroom is another area that is prone to mold growth because of the potential for water leaks. In humid weather, you may also find water condensing and dripping off porcelain fixtures. It is very important that your bathroom is well-cleaned at the end of the day. Water spills need to be cleaned so they do not sit overnight. By hiring a cleaning service like ours, you can make certain that this type of job is handled every day. In addition, leaky fixtures should be addressed to prevent standing water.

Air Conditioning Units

In humid weather, you need to watch for water condensing around air conditioning vents or window units. If a window unit is improperly installed, water that is supposed to flow outside may drip into the room. This water can get behind the wall, or it can drip on the floor below. This can lead to mold growing on a carpeted floor. A small amount of mold on a carpet can be cleaned by a professional. Large amounts may require disposal of the carpet.

Mold can cause big problems in your workplace. Make sure to regularly clean any area with flowing water. With the help of our professional cleaning services, you can keep your workplace healthy and mold-free. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!