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5 Things to Clean This Spring
May 7, 2019
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The winter months are known for harsh conditions outside. As a result, we often track in dirt, mud, salt and other things from outside we don’t want messing up our offices and workspaces. Here are 5 Things to Clean This Spring to ensure your office is at its best for the rest of the year.



Your carpet probably takes the worst of winter. Everything that you’ve trekked through this winter has ended up absorbed by your carpet! While regular vacuuming can help keep it clean, a comprehensive washing of carpeted areas is necessary to keep your office clean and fresh-smelling!



Believe it or not, your windows are one of the worst victims of the winter months. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, your windows end up with salt, brine, mud and more caked on there for weeks at a time. Unfortunately, windows are also one of the first things visitors see when arriving at your office. Spending the extra money to ensure your windows are properly cleaned allows you to present a great first impression to anyone coming to your space.



Like carpets, your floors also take a beating during the winter months. If not properly managed, slush, dirt and grime can sit on your floor and cause harmful things like mildew and fungi to grow. Being proactive and performing a deep-clean of your floors is the most surefire way to prevent harmful substances from lingering too long and creating massive problems.


Building Exterior

With all of the pollen around in the early days of spring, cleaning your building’s exterior is essential. Nobody wants to arrive at an office covered in yellow pollen. Not only is it ugly, but it also contributes to allergy issues for your employees! Committing to power washing your building is necessary in order to keep a clean look and allergy-free environment.



The furniture in your office collects dust and pollen as well as hiding salt and grime from the winter underneath it. Moving the furniture and hitting those uncommonly cleaned spaces is necessary to do regularly. Otherwise, debris that has entered your office during winter will continue to sit there and begin to cause long-term problems.

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