Job Opening: Janitor/ Cleaner/Porter Statewide – Janitorial/Custodial Services Department

Hiring for: Janitor/ Cleaner/ Porter      STATEWIDE

Various open positions located in Mercer, Hunterdon, Morris, Passaic, Camden, Somerset, Atlantic, Cumberland County.

  • Both full time and part time positions available.
  • Starting hourly rate of $12.50.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Carry out heavy cleaning duties such as cleaning fixtures.
  • Notify management of repair needs.
  • Move and dust furniture and fixtures.
  • Lock doors after hours.
  • Maintain restrooms.
  • Gather and dispose of trash.
  • Wash and reline waste containers.
  • Maintain floors and carpets.
  • Follow specs when preparing cleaning solutions.
  • Requisition and distribute cleaning supplies.
  • Comply with all regulations and corporate custodial guidelines.
  • Clean and perform preventative maintenance on custodial equipment.
  • Follow established antiseptic techniques.
  • Adhere to all environmental, safety and health regulations.

Disinfect Touchpoints

  • Desktops and all work surfaces
  • Doorknobs, door handles, door ways​
  • ​Light switches and dimmer switches
  • ​Telephone equipment
  • All chair rests and arms
  • ​Canteen tables and chairs
  • Sinks, taps and kitchen areas
  • Toilets, including all surfaces
  • Water fountains and drinks dispensers and vending machines
  • Lifts and their doors and buttons.
  • Elevator buttons and common touch points



Knowledge sets include:

Brooms, carpet cleaning equipment, carpet shampooers, dry mops, dust mops, floor buffers, floor scrubbers, push brooms, window squeegees or washers, vacuum cleaners and wet mops. Training is provided!

Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Applicant MUST pass a State of New Jersey Background Check.





ACCSESNJ is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


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Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting for Government & Commercial Office Cleaning Services NJ

Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting

From door handles to keyboards, bacteria quickly builds-up on every surface of commercial and residential spaces, spreading contagious illnesses, like the flu and strep throat. And now with the outbreak of coronavirus, a sanitary environment is more important than ever. However, bacteria and other tiny particles can be impossible to fully eliminate with traditional disinfecting and sanitizing methods. To really stop illnesses from spreading, you need a new solution: electrostatic spray technology.

How Electrostatic Disinfection Works

This cleaning method atomizes cleaning solutions to produce an electrically charged spray able to wrap around surfaces of all types for an even coat. As a chemical exits the electrostatic sprayer, it’s given a positive charge that is attracted to available negative surfaces. The spray attaches to and collects negatively charged unwanted particles, which are then removed from the environment with a specially designed apparatus. Surfaces that are already covered in the cleaning solution will repel the spray, making the method extremely efficient.

The Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfecting

Electrostatic disinfection is an innovative method that saves time, energy and costs across the board because it presents a more efficient alternative to traditional cleaning techniques and cleaning solution applications. Below are some of the many benefits of using an electrostatic system.1

  • Reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces  and hard-to-reach places by 50% compared to conventional  methods
  • Applies chemicals in a more efficient, uniform and controlled  manner, eliminating the dangers of overuse and reducing the  amount of chemicals used and waste produced
  • Avoids cross contamination and the movement of bacteria  from one surface to another
  • Improves infection control and the spread of viruses such as  influenza, MRSA, HIV and many others

Electrostatic disinfecting technology is superior to any other method of disinfecting.

Misters, fogging systems and manual trigger sprayers deliver very small droplets  that passively deposit on surfaces based on the direction of spray and the effect of gravity. This results in uneven coverage of disinfectant, which can mean leaving harmful pathogens remaining on surfaces.

And spray/wipe methods are time consuming, labor intensive and disinfecting is only as good as the person wiping these surfaces.

The Most Effective Disinfecting Technology Available

The Electrostatic disinfection process works like powder coat paint where the solution is applied with a low-pressure sprayer and charged particles adhere to every surface including crevices and undersides.

This process provides 100% coverage and is ideal for large area facilities such as schools, airports, work camps, manufacturing and healthcare buildings, disinfecting up to 18,000 sq. ft. per hour.

Electrostatic disinfection services should be part of your plan for infection control and prevention and part of your regular cleaning services for:

  • aircraft and hangar disinfecting services
  • healthcare cleaning services
  • seniors care cleaning services
  • recreation center and gym cleaning services
  • medical office cleaning services
  • dental office cleaning services
  • assisted living facility cleaning services
  • hotel cleaning services
  • Government Buildings
  • First Aide, Fire Department & Police Stations
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Schools



Whether your protecting yourself from future health problems or reacting to a breakout, our technicians provide only the most advanced electrostatic spray disinfecting to your targeted environment.​  ​​Electrostatics creates a force of attraction to all surfaces within the environment and guarantees uniformity in coverage as the droplet’s “like charges” will repel each other instead of overlap. Within minutes the fine mist dries and the protective solution bonds and is ready to destroy a wide array of deadly organisms.



ACCSES New Jersey, Inc Paperless Initiative

ACCSES New Jersey, Inc Paperless Initiative

In early 2018 ACCSES New Jersey, on direction from our CEO Mohsen Badran, embarked on a new initiative to create a paperless office. We are happy to report that through multiple software components we have reached our goal. Starting with ProcessEx for Billing and ending with our move to a cloud environment with DMC technologies we have the makings of a fully mobile office.

Since there are many components to our day to day operations with our membership and our clients below is a listing of functions that are now online and currently deployed.
Purchase orders and Invoices back to us from membership is now 100% online with ProcessEX Automated Billing Via ProcessEx for Flat Rate Contracts starting in January 2019
CSR Reporting & Audits are fully online with ProcessEx, documentation storage and request are also fully online within this platform.
CSR Consumer File Audits is fully online with the use of SECUREDRAWER by EFileCabinet. Incident Reports are online on the website and will be sent using SECUREDRAWER by EFileCabinet.
Agreements & Proposals
Commercial Partnership Agreements and our Memorandum of Understandings(Mou’s) will be sent using DocuSign and no longer need to be printed going forward.
For agencies that allow the use of E-Signatures, proposals are to be signed using DocuSign.
Supply requisition forms are signed via DocuSign.
Internal Projects
ACCSESNJ is using BaseCamp3 as a project management board for projects like the 2019 Annual Conference, State Imaging Projects, Marketing asset requests, Business Development, Incident Report tracking, Customer Service requests, and a newly formed Advocacy Test group.
Employee Mobility
This is probably the most exciting venture that is coming to an end. ACCSES NJ is deploying its Cloud Desktop in early November which makes us a fully Mobile Office. This will allow our employees to access their data and applications from any device, anywhere, anytime! Here are some highlights as to how this helps us:
Cloud Desktop: Access our applications and data anytime from anywhere with our Cloud Desktop.
Cloud Apps: Turn any Windows application into a web application that we can access from any internet connected device.

Employee Expense reports with Online Approvals are electronic using ProcessEx
Travel Requisitions with Online Approvals are electronic using ProcessEx
Online Timesheets and Payroll with Online Approvals via our conversion to BenefitMall during the 3rd quarter of 2018.

If you would like any information about the companies we use, please contact



For Immediate Release


ACCSES NJ is proud to announce the hiring of Daniel Noble to the newly created position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Dan comes to ACCSES NJ with a demonstrated track record of achievements in developing, implementing, and managing sound business practices and strategies. He possesses a diverse background including expertise in companies ranging in size from $7M to $100M in the non-profit, third party logistics, and manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries. Several highlights from his background include:

  • 24 Years of professional profit and non-profit experience in finance, financial planning and analysis, accounting, human resources, information technology, and business operations.
  • Management of finances and employees, project management, budget, strategic planning, and forecasting experience.
  • Business analytics, detailed-oriented, team leadership, collaborative, process improvements, leveraging technology, and improving efficiency
  • MBA

DVR Program Admin (Sheltered Workshop) – F/T – The Arc of Union County

Supervises and coordinates activities of disabled individuals in sheltered workshop to train and improve vocational skills for gainful employment through productive work: Assigns individual to specific tasks, such as cleaning, sorting, assembling, repairing, or hand packing products or components; Demonstrates job duties to disabled individuals and observes workers performing tasks to ensure understanding of job duties. Examines work piece visually to verify adherence to specifications. Confers with individuals to explain or to demonstrate task again to resolve work related difficulties. Completes client annual review meetings with State Program Monitors to review client goals maintains a safe and effective environment of workshop for clients and staff as defined in policies and procedures and in conformance with CARF standards, NJ and Federal regulations (OSHA); Supervise workshop staff observing time studies and completed prevailing wage surveys for Dept. of Labor; Conducts annual review of relevant wage surveys/Conducts time studies on all contract work as per Dept. of labor Federal standards. Must have valid NJ Drivers License; must have production/sales experience. Education: Associates degree minimum; Bachelors degree a plus. Please contact:  Hector Smith – email



Facility Mgr –  Responsible for maintenance, repair & mgmt. of all company properties. Supervise staff, trades & contractors.  HS diploma or equivalent. Carpentry, painting basic plumbing & electric skills. Needs good communication, problem solving & time mgmt. skills. Management experience and computer skills a plus. Excellent benefits: medical, dental, 401K, paid time off. Competitive Salary.  Send resume: fax 201-343-0401,, The Arc 223 Moore St. Hackensack, NJ 07601