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#OurPurpose Success Story: Helene
April 24, 2019
#OurPurpose Success Story Helene

Helene works for the Occupational Training Center of Burlington County. She can often be found in the back of the workshop, rolling cloth and listening to music. She always has her CD player with her and finds that it makes work more fun.

Despite the fact she has a quiet demeanor. She is willing to stop what she’s doing to help her coworkers. Helene also spends time with the new clients at lunch to help them become acclimated to OTC. As a result, she has become an example to others on how to act and conduct themselves in the workshop area.

In her spare time, Helene likes to go to the mall and shop for CDs. Her favorite store to visit is FYE and likes buying soft rock albums.

Helene enjoys her work rolling cloth and sealing them inside of bags. She’s become very proficient and packs it neatly every time. It’s her favorite job to do at OTC. We at ACCSES NJ are very proud of what Helene has accomplished and look forward to hearing about all the amazing work she will continue to do as a role model for other workers.


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