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#OurPurpose Success Story: Jamar
April 9, 2019
#OurPurpose Success Story Jamar Folds Boxes

Jamar came to the Occupational Training Center of Burlington County in June 2018 through the OTC Trail Work program. He first tried to join the program in 2016, but was unable to complete it due to health issues. Jamar ended up being a model worker and completed the program in half the time! He now participates in the Extended Employment program five days a week.

He started out counting and bagging envelopes, he then progressed to being able to seal those envelopes. Soon after, Jamar progressed to working on tri-folds. He takes flat boxes and folds them into three sections. He also was given work with a Pepsi contract where he breaks down boxes.

#OurPurpose Sucess Story Jamar in Action

Jamar likes working because it helps him gain experience and an enthusiasm for work. He has mentioned that he is interested in working in the community in the future. Being able to work is important to him because it not only allowed him to get back on his feet, but also gives him the opportunity to help others.

In his spare time, Jamar likes to draw. It’s a new hobby for him as it’s something he only started doing a few months ago. He likes to craw superheroes, horror characters, characters from Cinderella and much more!

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