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#OurPurpose Success Story: James
April 17, 2019
#OurPurpose Success Story James

James originally came to Occupational Training Center of Burlington County in July of 2016 through the Trail Work Program. Unfortunately, he was not able to finish. James decided to try again one year later and succeeded in completing the program in August of 2017. He soon moved into Extended Employment at OTC.

James started out counting and bagging envelopes. He then learned to seal them, a task he mastered quickly. As of late, he has taken on the role of a quiet leader. He ensures that the bundled envelope counts are accurate and makes sure the items are ready for shipment to the vendor. He currently does this five days a week for OTC.

James enjoys coming to work every day. He stated, “I like being around people, I like to feel like I’m contributing something.” His favorite job to do is packaging. He enjoys stacking boxes on the pallet. “I kind of like moving a bit more,” he explained.

Last fall, James participated in a special work internship with a local nursery. He was offered employment with them and will start this month! We at ACCSES NJ are very proud of James’s achievements and wish him luck with his new job.


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